February 17, 2017

A forest city

The Guardian investigates air pollution around the world. More than 5.5 million people worldwide are dying prematurely every year, as a result of air pollution. 540 of those are Copenhageners.

Trees not only creates oxygen, they also absorb the urban dust and the life threatening micro-particles attacking our lungs. Threes *must* be incorporated in the cities and China is currently preparing to build the world's first forest city.

So incredibly exciting!

February 16, 2017

A protected tree in Lisbon

This is how you protect a tree on a construction site in Lisbon. The ENTIRE space below the crown of the tree is fenced off, preventing damages to the root zone. And then the most amazing thing: a custom made welded iron fence covered in wire netting, to keep cranes away. Mind blowing!

January 13, 2017

Urine damages up close

The purpose of this movement has always been to identify the reason that we are losing our urban trees, and subsequently work to minimize the damages. No department and no one person is sacred, in our search to learn how to better protect our trees.

Now it turns out there is something we do ourselves that damage the most vulnerable trees: peeing on them. One wonders why no one have talked about this before. That it takes the death of two giant old trees, succumbing to the strain of years of relentless urination.

We are not talking about random drips but rather certain exposed trees, systematically being soaked year in and year out at the exact same spot. This was the case by the two 100 year old linden trees by the Round Tower, felled this week. Their bark porous and bleached by ammonia damages all the way into the cambium, in the peeing-zone. This has been weakening the trees to the degree where they were no longer able to sustain the branches with life, or keep rot, fungus and disease away.

Once you know that urine is bad for trees, you stop subjecting them to it. Simple as that. The discussions about lack of public toilets, belong elsewhere. Nor is this an attack on men, as none of us up until now even knew how damaging this was. The information was lacking.

By the Round Tower there is one younger tree left, already showing signs of urine damages, so we need to come together to find a solution to protect that and the rest of the urine-endangered trees. This is especially urgent once we enter the summer months. Do we need small fences? Controlled ivy? Signs? We need to solve this ugly problem. If we put our heads together, we can do it.

Here are pictures of the urine damages to the newly felled linden trees by the Round Tower. Plus a cropped piece of an article about (dog)urine damages on trees, explaining the process.

From an article about damages from dog urine, in CityLab 2012. Even they had a hard time finding documentation on the subject, despite the fact that it is a huge problem for urban trees. It is about time we talk about this. 

You may be reading this from another part of the world. Do you have similar problems where you live? And if so, how do you go about protecting the trees? If you have any ideas about how to prevent this kind of damages, please leave a comment, or drop us a line. The urban trees need all the help they can get.

January 12, 2017

A follow-up on the urine damages

A follow-up on the urine damaged trees on TV Lorry. In which the tree care specialist illustrate exactly how large amounts of urine affects our urban trees. The sample just arrived for documentation, we'll get to that tomorrow.

Link to Lorry story here.

PS! Lorry heard about this because of a citizens alert, so cool that we all keep an eye out for our trees!

January 10, 2017

Death by urine for two 100 year old linden trees

Two 100 year old linden trees were felled today, due to weakening by a massive amount of urine that made them unsafe in a storm. Urine damages are a big problem for the urban trees, and men even urinate on the newly planted trees with the slow release watering bags. Disgusting behavior! These bags are handled by tree care specialists, it is just unacceptable to urinate on them.

We need to talk about how we interact with trees. Tomorrow we will get a slice of one of the newly felled trees, for documentation, so we can get close and see exactly how bad the bark is damaged by urine.


Link to TV Lorry: here

December 31, 2016

Thank you for an amazing tree year

A heartfelt thank you to all for an amazing year in trees. As usual, here is a small recap of what we achieved in 2016 and what we have to fight for next year.

The Ladytree and the old beech.
We won the fight for the two old trees on the Sølund premises. This was possible because both the winner of the competition and the developer acknowledged just how important the trees are to the city. The dinosaurs of architecture in the competition lost, by reason of being outmoded. An incredibly positive development!

The liberation of the Ladytree.
Following the rescue, we had a great gift, as a team of arborists volunteered to liberate the old ginkgo, our Ladytree, of the suffocating ivy. Another miracle.

Disaster averted.
2016 was the year where many citizens and businesses wrote their first hearing reply, for the small urban forest on the corner by the Natural History Museum. A forest completely shaved down on the architect's rendition. This made a huge difference in the local plan, where the City stated that all trees on the corner must be preserved in the new design.

This year also marked the end of a three-year long and intense fight for the Møllegade trees. The final outcome was that we managed to save the big corner tree, and that the project went from grey to green, with much more young trees.

And last but not least, Copenhagen finally got its first tree policy. That's a big one!

What's up for next year?
Tree map.
We need a tree map, there is no postponing it any longer. New York City just mapped all of their street trees, with the help of citizens. A tree map is an indispensable tool, we just have to make it happen. Maybe a project we can do in collaboration with the municipality?

The prep-team.
So many trees are killed in the construction phase. They enjoy insufficient protection, if any, and many sustain damages that will end up killing them over time. This can be avoided by prepping the trees before construction begins. We have suggested that the City creates a prep-team. This concept could be tested in the coming year.

Finally we need to find a way to develop our citizens group, so more of you can participate actively in the fight for the urban trees. We'll talk more about this next year.

Happy New Year!

December 29, 2016

Save the Urban Trees in CityLab

Our citizens movement is on CityLab today. We are talking about greedy real estate developers, our tree policy and our beautiful trees. Very cool piece, what a happy day.

Meget fin omtale af vores borgerbevægelse, i CityLab i dag. Om grådige bygherrer, træpolitik og vores dejlige træer.

Read it here.